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Bilateral Talks

During CHINA MINING Congress & Expo, the minister and vice ministers of the Ministry of Land and Resources, PRC, will meet with some mining ministers from foreign governments and corporate executives of foreign large-scale mining companies and hold bilateral talks, so as to enhance the understanding and communication among mining countries and strengthen the cooperation in the international mining industry.

During CHINA MINING Congress and Expo 2015 held in Tianjin, the heads of the Ministry of Land and Resources, PRC held respectively bilateral talks with mining (vice) ministers from Ghana, Greenland, Eritrea, Peru, Poland, Canada and senior director of energy & extractives of the World Bank Group. The heads of China Geological Survey under the Ministry of Land and Resources, PRC also met with leaders of geological survey agencies from Peru, Australia, Sudan, Mexico, Canada, Madagascar, Mali, and India and signed seven copies of geological and mining cooperation agreement and reached a series of cooperation intention about the earth science research, basic geological survey, mineral exploration and development, geological disaster prevention & mines environmental protection, geological science & technology and information exchange, mining personnel training etc.
During CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2014 held in Tianjin, Mr. Wang Min, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Land and Resources, met with the Hon. Mr. Ngoako Ramatlhodi, Minister of Department of Mineral Resources of the Republic of South Africa, the Hon. Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Sadig Elkarouri, Minister of Minerals of the Republic of Sudan, the Hon. Mr. Walter.K Chidakwa, Minister, Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Zimbabwe, the Hon. Mr. Boubou CISSE,Minister, Ministry of Industry and Mines of Mali, the Hon. Mr. Denis Khramov, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, the Hon. Mr. Jorge Omar Mayoral, Secretary of Argentina Mining, Federal Ministry of Public Investment Planning and Services of Argentina, the Hon. Mr. Gullermo Shinno Huamani, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines of Peru, Mr. Tom Butler, Manager of Mining & Global Infrastructure, International Finance Corporation (IFC).
During CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2013 held in Tianjin, Mr. Zhong Ziran, Director of China Geological Survey, met with the Hon. Mr. Imran Khan, General Director, Geological Survey of Pakistan, the Hon. Mr. Jumaev Murod, General Director, Geological Survey of Tajikistan, the Hon. Mr. Slawomir Brodziński, Vice Secretary of State & Chief Engineer, Ministry of Environment of Poland, the Hon. Mr. Brian Gray, Assistant Deputy Minister for the Earth Sciences Sector, Dept of Natural Resources, Canada, the Hon. Mr. Patrick Omutia Otulia, Secretary of Kenya Mining, Ministry of Mining, Kenya, the Hon. Mr. Mario Alfonso Cantú, General Coordinator of Mining, Economy Ministry of Mexico, the Hon. Mr. Alemu Sime Feyisa, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Mining, Ethiopia, Mr. Roland Oberhänsli, President, International Union of Geological Sciences.
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