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Mining Projects

CHINA MINING intends to build a comprehensive and practical platform for mining enterprises, which accelerates Chinese enterprises to “bring in” and “go global”. Since its first successful project matching in 2010, the congress has furthered substantial cooperation on project between domestic and foreign mining enterprises through active organization of conferences and exhibitions, project marketing meetings (including marketing seminars and project demonstrations), online negotiation and other forms to display and release specific cooperation projects.
CHINA MINING Congress & Expo in last event collected 220 projects as a result of marketing and negotiation, including:  Gold 60(Set), Copper and Poly-metal 48(Set), Lead, zinc 16(Set), Geothermal 12(Set), Coal 8(Set), Phosphorus 7(Set), Manganese8(Set), Iron 8(Set), Vanadium 5(Set), Silver 4(Set), Bauxite 4(Set), Zircon ore 4(Set), Tin 3(Set), Poly-metal 3(Set), Barite 3(Set), Molybdenum 3(Set),Vanadium and Nickel Poly-metal 2(Set), Antimony 2(Set), Gypsum ore 1(Set), Fluorite 2(set), Oil Shale 1(set), Titanium and Graphite 1(Set), Zinc 1(Set),Kaolin 1(Set), Silicon 1(Set) and other 3(Set).   
The negotiation projects include 151 domestic projects, accounting for 68.64% of the total number of projects, 69 overseas projects, accounting for 32.2% of the total number of projects. Overseas projects are mainly located in the following countries: Peru (16), Tanzania(14), Mongolia (6), Guinea (5), Canada (3), Mozambique (3), Liberia (3), Australia (2), Myanmar (2), Cote d'Ivoire(1), Sudan, Thailand, Namibia, Uganda, Zambia, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia, Eritrea, Ghana, Chili (1 for each country).
CHINA MINING has become the important platform for domestic and foreign mining enterprises to obtain information and cooperation. We wish that domestic and foreign mining industries continue as in the past to support and participate in the CHINA MINING once a year, to build it the important platform of communications and cooperation of international mining industry.
During the China Mining, the organizing committee will continue to carry out promotion, negotiation and matchmaking for projects cooperation on mineral exploration and development (including assembly and publish projects matchmaking and negotiating guideline).  For more information, please contact:
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